Mature skin, our top tips to stay fresh and youthful | ivadore

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Mature skin, our top tips to stay fresh and youthful | ivadore

Think you’re too young for mature skincare products?

We’re about to bust the myth that mature = old and share our top tips and favourite products for youthful, glowing skin at any age

If you’ve ever heard the words ‘mature skin’ and automatically pictured your Nanna, you’re not alone. Because mature is just a polite way to say old, right?

Well sure, if you’re talking about cheese and wine. But when it comes to skin, mature doesn’t refer to age. In fact, it’s far more about the condition of your skin, rather than it’s vintage.

Whether you’re in your 30s, 50s or beyond, if you’re starting to notice those tell-tale signs like loss of skin elasticity, dullness, or fine lines and wrinkles, then products designed for mature skin could be the best choice for you.

At ivadore, our skincare products for mature skin are super popular – in fact, they’re our best-sellers. So, if you’ve been putting off using mature skincare products because you’re not ‘old enough’, you could be missing out on some amazing benefits that will help you look younger for longer.

Can skincare products stop the ageing process?

Who wouldn’t love to turn back the clock to when their skin was baby smooth, soft and line-free? Oh, didn’t we all take that for granted in our youth! Although nothing can actually stop your skin from ageing, the right skincare products can firm your skin, reduce visible wrinkles and make you appear younger. Who doesn’t want that?

But before we start talking products, we need to take a minute to chat about prevention. Why does one woman’s skin age faster than another? And can you prevent it from happening?

It’s one-part genetics (some ladies are just lucky, ya know?) mixed with a whole host of lifestyle and environmental factors. That can be smoking, diet and even your sleeping position. Seriously, if you sleep on your tummy and smoosh your face into your pillow every night, it can create wrinkles.

But the biggest culprit? Sun exposure. Too much sun speeds up the ageing process, especially on your face, neck and the backs of your hands. You can’t undo the damage that’s already been done, but you can prevent it from getting worse by wearing sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses when you’re outside.

Still want a little bit of colour so it looks like you have just come back from a holiday? Try our award winning nourishing tanner. It is a simple, safe solution for your skin and you not only get a beautiful touch of colour it also nourishes and hydrates so your skin feels soft and amazing. 

Boost your skin with nourishing goodness

Regardless of your skin type or age, everyone can benefit from a boost of nourishing goodness. Our products use only the purest natural ingredients because we truly care about what you put on your face.

We believe it’s important to avoid nasty chemicals and unnecessary fillers, but it’s equally important that the products give you great results, especially as your skin starts to show signs of ageing. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells and replaces them with new ones. When we’re younger this happens about once a month, but the older we get, the slower our skin cells turn over. So, our natural exfoliating process slows down. This can leave our skin looking dull and tired if it doesn’t get a helping hand.

Where to start with mature skincare

All ivadore products can be used on mature skin, but if you’re looking for a simple, effective routine, you can’t go past our 7 Day Discovery Pack for Mature Dry Dull or Tired Skin Types.

Each product in our Discovery set has been created to treat your skin gently and effectively against signs of ageing like wrinkles, dehydration and loss of collagen.

The set includes our Revive AHA and BHA Pearl Polish, Antioxidant Serum and Love Oil, packed full of nutrients and active ingredients to help remove dead skin cells, target fine lines and wrinkles, and restore moisture.

It’s a simple weekly routine, starting with exfoliating on Day 1 with Revive, and adding protection and moisture with the serum and oil from Days 1-7.

How to discover gorgeous skin in 7 days
Want to know how it works? Here’s the low down.

DAY 1 - Exfoliate

After cleansing, pat your skin dry and massage a thin layer of Revive Facial Polish over your face. Make sure you avoid your eye area. You can leave this on for up to 10 minutes. It’s quite common to experience a mild tingling sensation while the active ingredients work their exfoliating magic.

Rinse with warm water and follow up with the serum and oil.

It’s important to avoid direct sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours after using Revive.

Please note: While all of ivadore’s ingredients are natural some ingredients in our Pearl Polish such as Vitamin A and White Willow Bark (Salicylic Acid) may not be suitable for pregnant women.

DAY 1-7 - Protect & Moisturise

Every morning and evening after cleansing, apply 5 drops of the Antioxidant Serum and massage into your face and neck. Once your skin feels dry, follow with 5 drops of the Love Oil.

The combination of both products perfectly primes the skin for makeup application during the day and provides ultimate care while you sleep.

It’s really that simple. Three beautiful skincare products and an easy weekly routine! Ready to try it for yourself? You can get your Discovery Set here.

Who else loves ivadore?

“In winter, my skin tends to get a lot less attention than it should. It becomes very dry, sullen and pale looking and overall, just blah (I blame the lack of sunshine). So, when I was asked to try ivadore’s Revive Back to Life Pearl Polish, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was light (like all ivadore products) which made it instantly refreshing, but you could tell it still worked its magic into the pores to leave a nourished, clean layer of skin. I have loved using this once a week during winter then finishing off with the serum and Love Oil, it’s an absolute treat and I feel like I’m now rewarding, not neglecting my skin.” Health & Fitness writer Sam Bailey