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Supporting Local Business For Christmas & Beyond | Ivadore

It’s Beginning To Look A LOT Like Christmas!

So before you finish all your last minute gift shopping we thought we’d give a shout out to some of our fellow Aussie brands who are worth supporting this year, and this list has been compiled not only based on their amazing talent, but also because of their meaningful approach and considered product offerings. Ivadore has a bit of a thing for ‘softening consumption’ as we call it, which means making more sustainable and thoughtful purchases on all fronts ultimately creating less waste.

We all know it has been a tough year for a lot of Australian businesses and we’re certainly not the first people to encourage our fellow Aussies to buy local this year, but we hope you find a few little unknown gems in our hand-picked brands. And hey if you’re one of those super organised people and you’re done for the year, our hats off to you, keep these businesses in mind for future gifting, so let’s all discover some Aussie goodness together, because there is a lot of it!

First off the plate is…Pink Wheat Creative

We personally recommend store owner, Fiona Bradley, for her work thanks to some custom plates we received from her. In addition to doing custom work Fiona has a gorgeous little range of artistic goodies in her Etsy Store. Think vases that will make your flowers standout from the rest of the bunch (did you see what we did there?). Pots to adorn every space of your house with that little extra flare that will have guests asking, “where did you get that!”

Support Fiona and shop her range by clicking here:

Jump over to Instagram follow Fiona to stay up to date here:


Asher & Archer - Serious Style With Serious Purpose

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has been under a microscope in recent years for some of its, let’s say often not so environmentally or people friendly practices. So as a proud Melbourne brand ourselves it gives us great pride to shine a light on some local talent in the fashion industry who are doing all the right things the right way and that is Asher & Archer! Each piece in the collection is made locally in their studio with a focus on recyclable or reusable fabrics and versatile, trans seasonal pieces that will stand the test of time. Think beautiful cotton pieces that will leave you feeling easy breezy, workwear with a chic twist and wardrobe essentials that will become staples in your weekly rotation of clothing. One look and you’ll fall in love and if want something truly unique they also offer a bespoke design service, what more could you ask for!

Click to check out their collections here:

Show your support by following Asher & Archer on Instagram here:

Get Green & Bare

In the spirit of supporting other Green businesses, we’re giving a shout out to our fellow Aussie natural beauty brand Green & Bare. Think clay masks that leave your skin feeling cleaner than your regularly sanitised hands (yep we know we’ve all been using the hand sanitiser like its going out of fashion over the last 18-months), but it’s not just about cleaning out those pores, Green & Bare’s clay masks will leave your skin feeling refreshed, revitalised and silky smooth. There are multiple deep cleansing clays to pick from, or if you’re in the mood choose their lucky dip and surprise yourself or your gift recipient with a mystery mask. Not one for clay masks? Try their absolutely delightful Floral Waters to spritz yourself with a bit of fresh nature! They are 100% pure floral hydrosols and can be used to mix with clay masks, used as a body mist, face toner and room spray. Choose from Orange, Rose or Lavender to tone, maintain elasticity and reduce fine lines, giving a whole new meaning to flower power! Serving literal multi-purposes these are an ideal treat for any person who just wants to freshen up their life and skin.

Clay masks are the perfect gift for someone who needs to take time for themselves, shop here:

Jump on Instagram & follow Green & Bare here:

Wrapped In Love

Here’s one that you might need even if you are one of those super organised people who has done all their shopping! Have you thought about what you’re wrapping it in, have you really thought about it? We suggest you wrap in and with love with Aussie brand Wrapped In Love! People, this is about as close as you’re gonna get to a Christmas tree full of presents that not only show your love for the people in your life, but the environment. Seriously, you can’t get much closer. Think gorgeous reusable fabric wrapping, yep we said fabric, hadn’t thought of that had ya?! It’s kind of ingenious and if it has got you scratching your head a bit on just “how to” don’t worry they have that covered too. It’s a Japanese technique called Furoshiki. Next we move onto the essential gift tags, Wrapped In Love offers reusable wooden gift tags with an inbuilt chalkboard section to write the recipients name on and then just wipe away so you or the recipient have a reusable gift on top of a gift, again we say ingenious! Need seasonal greeting cards? No problem either, grab a pack of their beautiful A6 cards made from 100% recycled paper and wildflower seeds that come with a 100% recycled envelope. And if you need a little additional incentive here’s a little word from, the again Melbourne based Founder, Courtney, “Last year I was shocked to learn that in Australia at Christmas time alone, we go through around 150,000 kilometres of wrapping paper.”So that’s it,54 no excuses not to take your sustainable efforts this holiday season from what’s inside to what’s on the outside of your gifts!

Shop their amazing collection here:

Learn about the Furoshiki method here:

Show some love by following Courtney on Instagram here:

Light Up Someone’s Life - Bondi Candle Co

You might recognise this one, because we were lucky enough to collaborate with them on a couple of our special Christmas gift packs this year. Despite what the name might suggest these gorgeous candles actually come from Victoria and are hand poured by founder Briony. Briony was inspired by her love of her home and the outdoors plus an organic passion for creating beautiful scented products for her family and friends and voila Bondi Candle Co was born. Every candle is hand poured in small batches, and made from 100% organic crème soy wax and premium Australian fragrance oils. And yes - they are vegan and pet friendly! We have had the pleasure of smelling the Vanilla, French Pear and Coconut & Lime and all three are divine. 

Get your hands on their candles here:

Jump over to Instagram and show Briony some support here:

Hello Islie - Haircare that Cares!

Here at Ivadore we’re a big fan of a good story and this one just ticks all the boxes! Hello Islie was founded by Liz after the birth of her second daughter (you guessed it Islie). Liz primarily created the brand to help her deal with the dreaded post partum hair loss, but the beautiful boutique formulas she created are really for everyone who cares about their hair, which is probably all of us! Using ingredients sourced locally (yep we love that too) the brand consists of a luxurious hair mask and a multi-purpose hair elixir that can be used as either a hair and scalp treatment or applied to the body for a good all over pamper session, enriched with beautiful botanicals you can pick from four scents to suit anyone’s taste. Hello Islie also picks a charity quarterly to donate $1 of every purchase to so there you have it haircare that cares for you and families and charities.

Grab a bundle of their fabulous, small batch haircare here:

Liz would love some support on Instagram, follow her here:


For The Little Ones - Happily Everly & Parker

Who can forget the little ones at this time of year? We can’t! So we hunted down a beautiful Aussie brand that is all about them and making them feel like a style queen or king everyday. Happily Everly Parker is the brainchild of Sammy and yep you guessed it again, Everly and Parker are her are two little ones and her reason “why “she started the brand. In her words, “You can be guaranteed that every product we stock here at Happily Everly & Parker has been selected with love and with your little ones in mind! We love to keep your little ones looking trendy whilst feeling comfortable.” Sounds good to us. So what’s on offer, totally unique and adorable turbans, topknots and bows for the little ladies + sumptuous rompers, bloomers, dresses, matching sets, socks and jumpers.Sammy also has a range of carefully crafted and timeless shoes and sunglasses that will have the little ladies and gents fighting over them.

So make it a Happily Everly Parker Christmas for those special little girls and guys who deserve to be treated with some style.

Click to shop the collection here:

Follow Sammy on Instagram here:

And there you have it, we could have added a lot more Aussie goodness, but let’s face it we’re all already feeling a little bit overwhelmed with choices at this time of year so until next time it’s time to gift someone special in your life, we’ll sign off and let you get on with your shopping!

P.S we (Ivadore) accept gifts in the form of likes on Instagram & Facebook or if you really love us and want to treat us share your best pics of your Ivadore purchases with us (#ivadore). Not a social media person? Cool cool, we get it, sign up to our newsletter instead and get treated back by us that way! We swear, we only give good gifts back!

P.P.S we also also accept your empty Ivadore bottles as a gift to the environment! Simply send them back to us (make sure you’re a member of our VIP club) and we’ll pass them along to our extremely responsible Global recycling partner Terracycle + then you get a gift in the form of bonus points on your next purchase from us. Talk about a gift that just keeps giving…and on that note…

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Good Life!

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