Emma Seibold From Barre Body Talks Spring & Summer Health

Emma is the owner and founder of Barre Body, the cornerstone of an exercise movement that has taken Australia by storm. Barre Body is a “gorgeous fusion of vinyasa yoga, Pilates and ballet barre conditioning, designed to work your entire body, sculpting longer, leaner muscles.”

Emma’s unique approach to exercise has made her a health and lifestyle inspiration to many and we feel truly lucky to have her as a genuine fan of our tanning treatment.

Emma was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule and answer some questions for us about health, summer and her lifestyle.

So we’ll hand it over to her. We hope she leaves you feeling inspired, uplifted and ready for summer! 

Barre Body

Tanya: You’ve become well known for your Barre Body method, which you discovered after having your second child, can you tell us how you went about establishing your approach to Barre and what changes you saw when you first started practicing it yourself?

Emma: I started incorporating barre into my yoga practice post birth and was blown away by not only how quickly my body recovered, but by how it toned up in ways that it never had before. Barre is extremely effective as it targets the smaller muscles and helps to develop long, lean looking muscles. And it’s fun! What more could you want in a workout.

Tanya: When Spring comes around we all tend to feel the need to get in shape and go on a health kick, what are your top tips for those people looking to make some changes?

Emma: Enrol in some kind of new activity or program to hold yourself accountable. I’d love it if you all signed up to Barre Body or Barre Body Online and committed to doing 4 classes a week. You’ll feel amazing for it and your body will totally transform. That and a dose of ivadore tan and you’ll have summer sorted!

Tanya: We’re all so busy today that exercising can sometimes seem like too much of a chore, what is your best advice for overcoming this mindset and making exercise an enjoyable part of our routine?

Emma: Just do it. Remind yourself of how you’ll feel (physically and emotionally) after you’ve finished your exercise and know that the benefits are worth motivating yourself to start. I’ve never regretted making the decision to exercise.

Tanya: Walk us through a day in your life as a busy mum and business owner?

Emma: With two children, 10 studios, 10 full-time team-members and 70 teachers, no two days are alike! Nowadays I’m teaching a lot at Bende Byron Bay, which I absolutely love, but mainly trying to strike a balance between being a mum, busy business lady, human being and wife. It’s crazy busy, but crazy fun!

Tanya: What has been the most rewarding part of bringing Barre Body into the world?

Emma: Creating a beautiful community of clients and teachers. Barre Body is just so full of love and positive energy. It feels like such a blessing to have created it. We have 10 studios now (if you include Bende Byron Bay), world class teacher training and Barre Body Online, an online studio with over 200 videos, but the community and culture is definitely my favourite part!

Emma Seibold

Tanya: What are your three best tips for leading a healthy balanced lifestyle outside of exercise?

Emma: Sleep well, eat well (wholefoods, don’t under or overeat, eat mindfully), meditate or practice some type of mindfulness. It’s really, really simple.

Tanya: What are your best tips for kick starting the day?

Emma: Get out of bed 30-60 minutes earlier than you would usually and develop some kind of morning routine to add extra elements of self-care (perhaps exercise, meditation, journaling/self reflection or even just a cup of tea) that you don’t otherwise have time to do in your day.

Tanya: As a busy mum who is committed to the health of her family do you have any favourite quick, easy, family friendly healthy recipes you could share with us?

Emma: I make lots of simple, vegetarian food at home (though I do eat some meat), but my favourite cooking is actually baking healthy, wholefood, sweet treats. Here is a recipe for my chocolate brownies -

Tanya: We’re very honoured to have you as a fan of our tanning treatment, why do you feel it’s important to pick natural products over conventional ones?

Emma: I really, really love your tan for so many reasons. I don’t openly endorse many products, but this is truly a favourite. I love that it’s natural – that is a huge plus for me, but I also love that it’s colourless, smells lovely and doesn’t stain my sheets. I pretty much just put it on and get dressed straight away. It’s a beautiful tan colour (no orange) and doesn’t streak. What more could I want?

Tanya: Do you have a mantra or favourite motivational saying?

Emma: Choose love!

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