Founder of ivadore, Tanya Felli, Answers A Fast Five Questions About Motherhood

What Is The Greatest Challenge? 

I became a mum when I was 21 and I now have 3 kids so I am used to how chaotic life can be with kids, but I think the greatest challenge has always been balancing my time with all the tasks that are required as a mum, making sure my kids have the attention and love they need, while running a growing business as well.

What Is The Greatest Reward?

There are many rewards of being a mum but one of the most recent would have been when my 10 year old son launched his own natural haircare business. To help him make goals and dreams that he had, and continues to have, a reality is definitely very rewarding. To also see how each child develops different gifts and skills is amazing to watch.

What Has Been The Most precious Memory?

The most precious memory would have to be when each of my children were born. There is nothing more precious than meeting and holding your new born baby.

Best piece of advice?

I think the best piece of advice would be communicate with your kids and always remain consistent with your boundaries while giving them a reason why those boundaries are there.

What Is The Greatest Myth About Motherhood?

It would have to be that you need to give up your dreams and goals when you become a mum. I think so many mums feel guilty for having a dream but my experience with having 3 kids and running a business is that if you learn to manage your time well you can do both.

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