The Importance Of Exfoliation 

The older we get the slower the skin cells turnover is so the best way to help this process along is to use a combination of soft granules plus both AHA's & BHA's on the skin once a week These miracle workers will help to dissolve away dead skin, unclog pores and reveal smooth healthy new cells that were hiding underneath. Make it a habit to exfoliate at the start of each week and you will be one step closer to a radiant complexion.

How Does Our REVIVE Back To Life AHA & BHA Pearl Polish and ADD-ON Features Work?

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Get noticeably smoother skin in just 10 minutes!

Natural plant derived acids combine to remove and gently dissolve dead skin that causes dull, tired, uneven skin tones, while Pearl Powder gently softens, firms and rejuvenates newly revealed cells leaving you with a smooth, glowing and vibrant complexion.

Brightens Dull and Tired Skin!

The older we get the slower the skin cells turnover so Revive helps this process along keeping dull, tired and uneven skin at bay.

There’s absolutely no nasties;

we use 100% natural plant derived ingredients, such as Organic Apple Extract, Organic Chamomile Oil and Pineapple Extract that work on soothing the skin while adding vital nutrients needed to reduce the appearance of age spots, firm the skin and reduce large pores.

How does it work?

Three highly effective ingredients do most of the heavy lifting: • White Willow Bark Extract (BHA’s): penetrates deep into the skin ungluing and removing dead skin • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA’s): this naturally occurring acid is found in fruit, sour milk and tomato juice! When applied to the skin it exfoliates and restores the skins regeneration system over time. • Pearl Powder: This naturally derived powder speeds up your skins metabolism. Healing toning and rejuvenating all at once!

How often should you use it?

For the best results we recommend you use our Revive treatment once a week and leave it on for 10 minutes

What Are The Add-On Features For REVIVE?

Each core product is complimented and enhanced by two optional Features that people can select as an add-on for a small additional cost. There is a Green Feature for each product, which delivers extra anti-ageing benefits when added to the Standard product and a Red Feature for each which is suitable for all skin types but particularly beneficial for oily/congested/combination skin.

REVIVE Back To Life AHA & BHA Pearl Polish + “Feature It” Awaken & Renew:

instagram_xmas2015_revive_green Choose to Get Extra anti-ageing Results:

We have created an optional add-on for those that want a little extra lift! The Awaken & Renew Feature promotes new collagen, boosts hydration and smooths wrinkles.

How does it work?

Our carefully formulated Awaken & Renew add on Feature not only dissolves old and unwanted skin but actively fights the signs of ageing with: • Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C): aids in collagen production • Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A): reverses free radical damage • Hyaluronic acid: plumps and hydrates the skin • Hibiscus extract: firms the skin • Apricot Extract: helps to keep skin supple

REVIVE Back To Life AHA & BHA Pearl Polish + “Feature It” Dragons Blood Rescue & Restore


It’s Award Winning:

That’s right our REVIVE Back to Life AHA & BHA Pearl Polish + Feature It Rescue & Restore was Highly Commended in the Nature & Health Natural Beauty Awards 2016.


It gives extra care for Problematic, Combination or Oily Skin. We have designed an add on feature that helps to calm problematic skin, remove unwanted blackheads and help balance oil production.

How does it work?

Dragons Blood: has been used for centuries for its amazing healing properties! It creates a protective shield from further damage and heals with its antibacterial and antiviral qualities. Last year it became a bit of a buzz ingredient in the skincare industry so don’t be afraid to name drop this one! • Extra BHA’s: Extra good at eliminating pesky blackheads. • May Chang: Is an antimicrobial that is excellent for people who suffer with acne • Willow Herb: Keeps the skin clean and soothes irritated skin • Lavender Oil: Everyone knows this oil has powerful soothing effects and that’s exactly what we have harnessed! • Andiroba Oil: Also helps to reduce redness, swelling and the appearance of acne Together these super effective all natural ingredients can defeat even the toughest skin issues, but guess what? They’re also suitable for all skin types so anyone can use them if they want to.

Sensitive Skin:

As an added bonus the many ingredients that boast soothing properties also make this an excellent choice for people with more sensitive skin.


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