ivadore Tanning Treatment is more than just a tan with its age-defying properties that delivers optimal hydration and toning benefits deep into the skin leaving you with a natural flawless golden glow that mimics a natural sun tan.

Exfoliating the skin with ivadore's BODY COMBAT prior to applying the Tanning Treatment will help remove unwanted dead skin and make it easier for the lotion to sink into the skin therefore receiving all the benefits from the natural and organic ingredients whilst achieving a deeper even brown colour.

Because the tan gives you a hydration treatment there is no need to apply a moisturiser prior to applying the tan. You just need to apply the tanning lotion just like you would a moisturiser, rubbing deep into the skin until well absorbed applying lightly and blending into knees, ankles, wrists and elbows. We do not recommend applying to hands and feet.

FOR LIGHT SKIN TONES For a nice natural glow we recommend one application of ivadore’s self-tanning treatment and once applied to pale skin it will not look orange or un-natural in fact it will just look like you have been in the sun and people will never know you are wearing a fake tan.

FOR MEDIUM TO OLIVE SKIN TONES If you prefer a deeper tan we recommend you apply two consecutive applications of ivadore’s self tanning treatment. If you want it even darker apply another coat the following day and the best thing is you will receive more hydrating and toning benefits...

DO YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN OR DRY SKIN? Most skincare products including self-tanning products are loaded with harsh chemicals, colours, fragrances and ingredients that just sit on top of the skin blocking and suffocating the skin cells. While this happens the skin cannot repair and detoxify therefore causing dry, dull and irritated skin .

When choosing to wear an ivadore tan you not only get bursts of fruit goodness but you choose to say no to nasty and harsh ingredients and say yes to a luxe moisturising treatment making your skin feel and look fresh, youthful and glowing.

FOR BEST RESULTS Exfoliate with ivadore's BODY COMBAT and apply before going to sleep to let your skin absorb all the amazing benefits and wake up with a beautiful natural golden tan. Use sparingly on elbows, wrists, knees and ankles and avoid eyebrows and hairline. Wash hands and nails well after application and wait 5-10 minutes before dressing and allow a minimum of 8 hours before showering, sweating or getting wet.. Suitable for the face and body. SHOP NOW   ivadore-banner5

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