Introducing our Age-Defying Mineral Powder - What’s Your Shade?

We’re very excited for the official launch of our Age-Defying Natural Mineral Powder on September 1st 2017, but in the meantime you still have plenty of time to take advantage of our pre-order offer.  

If you’re having trouble picking what shade you are then fear not, our Founder Tanya Felli has some tips for you. 

"First keep in mind that our three different shades, Light, Light/Medium and Medium have been carefully made using different colour pigments of natural minerals found in the earth and they’re each made to suit a diverse range of skin tones.

For example, I can wear both the Light colour and the Light/Medium depending on the time of year so in winter I would use the Light and summer I would use the Light/Medium or, regardless of the time of year, if I have used our tanning treatment on my face I would use the Light/Medium colour."

So what does that mean for you? 

Use Light If You: 

- Have fair skin that burns easily in the sun

- Have cool skin undertones (pink, red or blue)

- Ideal for pale Asian skin

Go Light/Medium If You:

- Fit the above criteria but are using our tanning treatment to naturally darken your complexion

- Have light-coloured skin with warm and cool undertones (Pink, Red Blue = Light undertones + Peachy, Yellow, Golden = warm undertones) 

- Just prefer a warmer looking colour

Opt for Medium If You: 

- Have warm skin undertones 

- Tan easily and rarely burn in the sun 

- Have an olive or mediterranean complexion

Don’t know what your undertones are? 

Here’s a few tips for finding out: 

Look to your wrists…

Your veins actually say a whole lot about your skin! If they appear Blue/Purple you have cool skin undertones. If they look green you’re warm. If you can’t really tell one way or another or they appear to be a mix of both it means you have neutral skin tones. 

What does your wardrobe say about you? 

If you know what colour clothing you look good in then you’re already part way to knowing your skin undertones. If you look your best in strong colours such as blues, purples and deep greens then you’re cool toned. If Earthy tones are your style including reds, olive green, yellow etc then you’re warm toned. If you can wear any colour under the rainbow then you’re a lucky neutral.

One is Silver and the other is Gold…

Your jewellery also has a role to play in understanding your skin tone so get out some of your fav pieces and focus on how they look on your skin. If Silver looks better then you’re cool, if Gold looks better then you’re warm if they all look just fab then you guessed it you’re neutral. 

We hope this helps you find the right shade for your skin in our Age-Defying Mineral Powder! 


Don’t forget you can also get a free sample with any order over $55 until September 1st so stock up on your fav products then use these tips to pick your shade and be one of the first to try out our newest natural beauty solution. 



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