ivadore, Founder Tanya Felli, Shares Her Favourite Paleo Wraps & Food Journey

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago; it was a life changing diagnosis that forced me to completely revaluate my relationship with food and what I put in my body.

For me, it all started just after the birth of my third child, I was feeling overwhelmingly tired, depressed, confused and suffering with an upset stomach after eating various foods and then I started to lose my appetite completely. I knew I had to act, so I had a battery of tests done and was eventually diagnosed.

Being diagnosed was the beginning of two of the hardest years of my life, but it was also a journey that has lead to me the best place I’ve ever been with my health.

One of the most difficult things for me was that I had had an eating disorder when I was younger and the idea of having to return back to restricted eating and living in fear of what was on my plate was terrifying and upsetting.

At first it was not only hard emotionally, but physically, there was no quick fix, just eliminating gluten was not enough to repair the damage to my small intestines so most foods, even gluten free foods would make me very ill. I always felt horrible at first and it was hard to figure out which foods were making me sick so it was an ongoing struggle.

It wasn’t until I began a Paleo diet that I really noticed a change, I got my energy back, I didn’t feel depressed or emotional and my mind was clear. After several months I also no longer got sick from cross-contamination and now if I have a small amount of gluten I don’t end up on the couch for a week.

So what did I learn from all this? If you are gluten-intolerant don’t just stick to your conventional gluten-free foods as I believe a lot of these foods prevent your stomach from healing and cause more inflammation. You need to have raw whole nutrient rich foods that are naturally gluten free. But most of all don’t believe you have to live sick for the rest of your life, there is a way you can feel better again and you will find it.

This wrap recipe that I’m about to share with you was one my saving graces and still is today (that and the thermomix my parents bought me after I was diagnosed). I was instantly hooked and fell in love with these paleo wraps from Stupid Easy Paleo and they can be used as a savoury wrap or a sweet one.

No matter whether you are gluten-intolerant or not I urge you to give this simple recipe a go and enjoy a healthy lunch (or dessert).

Stupid Easy Paleo Wraps
2 large eggs
1 tsp (5 mL) melted ghee (sub: melted coconut oil)
1 tbsp (15 mL) water
1/4 cup (33 g) arrowroot powder
1 tsp (3 g) coconut flour
Pinch sea salt
*If making crepes for a sweet recipe, add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


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  • Thanks for sharing your life experience and the insights and inspiration for turning a negative experience into a positive outcome.

    Shelly Stevens

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