7-Day Discovery Pack Review By Matilda From Eleventh Beauty

I've just completed my 7th day of ivadore's 7 Day Discovery Pack for All Skin Types, and let me tell you, my skin is smooth and glowing...

Day 1:

after cleansing, apply Revive, a lovely gentle pearl polish containing natural plant derived AHA's and BHA's to gently rejuvenate dull, tired, uneven skin - to be used once a week. I noticed a difference on day one after using this! Day 1-7: After cleansing & revive, apply a few drops only of Nurture, a beautiful soft serum containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins E, C, B3, B5 + B6, Rose water and Baobab oil - an ultra antioxidant serum that glides on & absorbs so easily.

Day 1-7:

layer a few drops of Love over the top of Nurture. Love is an organic oil treatment containing Camelia oil, Shea oil & Marula oil, designed to leave you with perfectly glowing and primed skin. All week my skin has been soft and supple. My makeup looked better than normal because the skin was so healthy. The results of the pearl polish have held all week! These 3 products work perfectly in sync with each other. Amazing stuff...

About Matilda

"I believe natural beauty glows from within and is simply a reflection of one's heart, soul and inner wellness. Eleventh Beauty embodies this concept by guiding women to make conscious beauty choices that are kind to themselves and to the planet." Matilda Martinez Organic Beauty Blogger Eleventh Beauty SHOP DISCOVERY PACKS

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