The Benefits Of Watermelon Seed Oil

Did you know you can get oil from a watermelon?

That's right! The seeds inside a watermelon can be dried and pressed in order to extract a light yellow oil which provides a number of benefits. Because watermelon seed oil is rich in properties like Vitamin A, B, & E, Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid and Stearic acid it serves as a powerful nutrient to the skin which is easily absorbed.

When used topically in skin care, Watermelon Seed Oil can be to help remove toxins, moisturise, soothe irritated skin, clear pores, fight against pre-mature ageing, even skin tone, balance excess oil and hydrate, just to name a few!

Did you know oil dissolves oil?

Using harsh chemicals to strip and remove excess oil can leave your skin feeling dry, sore and irritated. Although it may sound counterintuitive, using Watermelon Seed Oil in skin care can help to dissolve and balance excess oil on the face making it great for all skin types, especially those with oily or congested skin. 

Which ivadore products contain Watermelon Seed Oil?

Tanning Treatment 

ivadore’s Award Winning ultra antioxidant formulation has been designed to give an even, sun-kissed looking tan all while helping to fight the ageing process and keep the skin toned, hydrated and youthful.

The advanced formula has been carefully developed to eliminate the common issues people have with self-tan treatments by using a rare and expensive red-raspberry derived tanning agent alongside natural and certified organic ingredients. There is no patchiness, streaks, orange tones, offensive odours or difficult to remove stains on clothing and bedding and it won’t dry out your skin. Suitable for sensitive skin. USE CODE WATERMELON TO GET $10 OFF


Love Overcome and Conquer Oil Treatment For Normal/All Skin Types 

ivadore’s deluxe Oil Treatment is designed to give your particular skin type the affection it deserves using an array of nature’s most powerful oils that will leave you with perfectly glowing and primed skin!

The LOVE Oil Treatment contains Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Shea Oil and Organic Marula Oil as a base and boosted by the support of other effective oils such as Watermelon Oil, Muskmelon Oil, Linden Blossom and Neroli Oil. USE CODE WATERMELON TO GET $10 OFF

Love Overcome and Conquer Oil Treatment For Oily/Combination or Problematic Skin

Give your skin the affection it deserves with ivadore’s war on red deluxe oil treatment. It not only features an array of natures most powerful oils including Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Shea Oil and Organic Marula Oil but goes further by combining Parsley and Celery to combat Oily/Combination/Congested & problematic skin types.

It also features carefully selected ingredients such as Watermelon, Jojoba and Willow Herb that help to soothe, balance and dissolve excess sebum in the skin, while adding essential nutrients needed for optimal skin health at the same time. USE THE CODE WATERMELON TO GET $10 OFF


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