Why wearing watermelon can help your skin detox, balance and rejuvenate...

When you place watermelon oil onto your skin it quickly gets to work by injecting the skin with vital nutrients needed for the skin cells to function at their best. They release loads of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which adds hydration but at that same time allowing the skin to breath and remove toxins out of the skin.

This amazing oil is well known for its ability to balance the skin and dissolve any unwanted excess sebum in the pores while helping to restore and maintain skin elasticity. It is extremely effective for all skin types including very sensitive skin.

Ivadore has incorporated watermelon oil as one of it's hero ingredients into their Tanning Treatment so when it is placed onto the skin alongside other amazing ingredients the skin can breathe and start to look and feel amazing. Most skincare products including self-tanning products are loaded with harsh chemicals, colours, fragrances and ingredients that just sit on top of the skin blocking and suffocating the skin cells.

While this happens the skin cannot repair and detoxify therefore causing dry, dull and irritated skin . When choosing to wear an ivadore tan you not only get bursts of fruit goodness but you choose to say no to nasty and harsh ingredients and say yes to a luxe moisturising treatment making your skin feel and look fresh, youthful and glowing...


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