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New Idea Praises ivadore's Tanning Treatment as "A Natural Tan That Really Works"

“The active tanning ingredient DHA is sourced from sugar beets and mixed with raspberry extract to brown the skin, while coconut water and plant oils help to moisturise. The colour is great, and it’s a smart choice if you have dry skin or are sensitive to regular tanners. ” New Idea Magazine


Sam Bailey, Sydney based health & fitness writer Tanning Treatment Review

"I’ve been a faux glow tanner for years. I’ve tried every can, lotion, oil, spray and foam there is and despite learning the good brands from the bad, at the end of the day, what rules for me hands down is convenience. If it applies easily, is streak-free, has a decent colour and doesn’t have a strong scent, then no matter the price or brand, I’m sold. ivadore’s tanning treatment superseded this and more. The scent was incredibly light and fresh, the lotion - easy to apply, light, streak-free and dried in seconds, the colour was natural and had a warm brown glow and then to top it off, it’s made of natural and organic ingredients, is vegan friendly and not tested on animals and is Australian made and owned. I literally don’t think it can tick anymore boxes. It’s so refreshing to wear a product that is good for your body, good for the environment, feels nice on and gives you a sun kissed glow without the fuss or obvious fake look. I’ve tried Eco tan, a similar competitor, but this is just even more light, beautiful and satisfying. ivadore, I’m in love."

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"During the colder months, I go so pale so I've been using @ivadore's #natural Tanning Treatment. I've been putting it on at night and waking up in the morning with a beautiful natural glow (and it doesn't stain your sheets!) ☀️ It's seriously the best fake tan I've used." @liliandikmans

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Disclosure: Lilian Dikman is an official ivadore influencer, all of our official influencers are genuine fans of our products and whilst they may receive financial benefits from supporting our brand, their reviews and comments are their own and have in no way been influenced or altered by ivadore or any other third parties connected with us. Our official influencer’s chose to support our products because they really love them!

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Smart Healthy Women Magazine Tanning Treatment Review

After trialling the product for over a week now, I am a firm fan. Not only does the product not have an offensive, toxic smell, there is very little scent if any that I could detect. The product is easy to apply with a simple pump action that delivers 1ml of product per pump. I was recently invited to review a new self-tanning product that has hit the market in Australia. I have to say I’ve come across quite a few tanning products in my journey to achieve a golden glow to my otherwise pale Anglo skin and it has been a challenge to emerge from these applications without smelling like a chemical waste facility or appearing to be an alarming shade of burnt orange.Read more about why Smart Healthy Women Love Our Tanning Treatment


Clean Beauty Talk Pregnancy Tanning Treatment Review

Ivadore-Feature-980x588 I’ve never been a fan of fake tan. Actually I’ve never even had a spray tan – buuuuut I am extremely lucky to have been born with easily tanning South American skin so all I need to do is step outside into the sun to go black. Plus, I like looking au natural…although…. for some reason, I don’t like looking au natural when I’m pregnant? Not sure why. Lately, I’ve been trying to put my finger on it and I think it has something to do with my rebelling against the million and one pregnancy rules I’m meant to be following. Some days I also crave to feel like my normal brained, energised self – so have been looking for things to pep me up. Then voila, this ivadore Tanning Treatment landed in my paws and although at first I was a little suss, last weekend I exfoliated my belly and my ever growing boobs with La Mav’s Coffee Scrub (which let me tell you is AMAZE for pregnancy belly fun times) and took it for a spin. ivadore is one of Australia’s newest natural beauty brands and it’s launching with this babe of a tanning product. It’s a white cream, which is advised to best be applied overnight although I applied it on a Saturday morning (and although I was scared of it staining) it was fine. It didn’t stain my hands either. But better than all of that is that it’s vegan, entirely natural, plant based and doesn’t smell. The secret to this natural tan is based on plant derived technology that begins with a rare, expensive ingredient called Erythrulose. Erythrulose is a natural sugar extracted from red raspberries that when applied to skin reacts with the amino acids of the keratin found in the top layer of the skin. This non-toxic reaction basically creates a temporary browning effect, akin to natural UV-based tan – which we all know is not a healthy way to go. At $48 buckaroons it’s a little more expensive than other brands, but on self-tanners it’s def. worth the spend. Why skimp on something cheaper filled with nasty crap only to end up looking Oompa-esque? Not for me. It’s totally safe for pregnancy too! This self-tanner is quite natural looking and not very intense, which is why I loved it. The day after I applied it, I wanted to give myself another coat (and shout myself a coffee for applying it so well. It doesn’t streak and I’m so shiz at these things!) although I restrained myself. It’s one week since I used it too, and still going strong.  

ivadore in The Press

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