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Glow All Over Self Tan Combo

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The best self tanner set for ultimate smoothness and nourishment


1 x Nourish Me Self Tanner | 1 x Body Bounce Exfoliating Gel


Our top secret to a consistent tan is preparing the skin first by removing dead skin and impurities while protecting the barrier from moisture loss. Our Body Bounce Exfoliating Gel is an AHA exfoliant using lactic acid to gently lift away accumulated cells. This process smooths the skin surface making it perfect for self tan application. 

  • Prepare your skin by using the gel the night before tanning


Our self tanner is the original treatment and tan in one, designed to provide ultra rich nourishment and moisture protection while giving you the perfect holiday glow. It is easy to apply by massaging into your skin like a normal moisturiser and will activate while you sleep so you can wake up with a self tan that won't dry your skin out.
  • Light to medium colour results
  • Apply again the following night for a deeper colour


Each self tan application will fade at different rates depending on the weather, your activities and your general skin condition. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised will help to maintain your beautiful glow. If you find your tan is fading in patches or you want to remove some colour, you can use the Body Bounce Exfoliating Gel to gently soften harsh streaks and patches. 


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