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Frequently Asked Questions

Product info

No, we will never test on animals. We kick off our testing on ourselves first and then family and friends and then finally once we all love the new product we will offer it to our closest customers to trial.

ALL of our products are made right here in Australia with the majority being made in Melbourne. We have no plans to ever change this, Australian made is here to stay.

At the moment we are not certified organic and this is something that we are working on for the future but it takes time as we may need to reformulate some of our products. We do however use many certified organic ingredients where possible.

Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world. We select our ingredients based on using the best quality source that we can find. We try to use as many Australian grown ingredients as we can but our formulations are developed with efficacy first and foremost and that may mean we need to find an amazing ingredient from another country as our Australian climate or habitat may not be able to grow it or harvest it appropriately.

We are working on gaining our vegan certification which takes time, it is not as simple as whacking a logo on a website and claiming you are vegan.

We can assure you though, that our formulas are all plant based with the exception to the Ageless and Gentle Exfoliating Polish, both of these products use an ingredient that is a bi-product from crushed pearls. The pearls are not harvested specifically for this ingredient.

No, we do not use parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, synthetic preservatives, phthalates, petroleum, triclosan, formaldehyde, PEG’s, synthetic colours or fragrances, toluene, propylene glycol or palm oil. They sound really dangerous don’t they? We ensure that our formulas are all toxin free to make sure you are using the cleanest skincare you can.

We don’t use synthetic fragrances to enhance or mask our natural scents. Any fragrance detected comes from the natural ingredients themselves. When formulating this means we are unable to make our products smell like a particular scent, for example strawberries. To do this we would need to use ingredients that are unnecessary to the formula.

Because all of our ingredients are natural there may be slight differences between colour and smell with each batch. You will find that the majority of the time there is no difference at all, but depending on the conditions when harvesting, when it was manufactured, how it is stored in your bathroom and how old it is you may find a very small variance.

No, we do not use any mineral oils in our products. All of our oils are derived from plants.

Absolutely, all of our products have been developed to be extra gentle without compromising on effectiveness by using nature to nurture your skin. However, if you are prone to reactions with new skincare it is always suggested to either consult your dermatologist and/or do a skin test patch prior to use. If you know you have a sensitivity to a particular ingredient you can contact us to see if we use it, otherwise you can read our ingredients listing on each product page.

If you product has not been used for a long time and the lid has been left off, the residue that is left in the nozzle will harden from exposure to air. To unclog you can either repeatedly pump until the pressure forces the hardened cream out or you can use a pin to dislodge it.

Product care

The best way to ensure your products stay in perfect condition is to always keep them out of direct sunlight and in a temperature that is below 25 degrees celsius.

Avoid leaving them in a hot car all day or on your bathroom bench where the afternoon sun can catch them.

We also recommend leaving the caps on to reduce the amount of air that gets to the nozzle which can cause any cream or gel in the nozzle to harden

Your products will last longer than you think providing they are looked after correctly. The majority of our products have a minimum 18 month expiry from date of manufacture.

We recommend using them within six months of opening to guarantee the best condition of all ingredients.

Any products sold via our website will be done so within their manufacturers timeframe for recommended shelf life. We apply batch codes to all products that indicate when each production of that product was produced.

If you are unsure about the expiry date of your product, you can email us with your batch code number and we can let you know.

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