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Ivadore's Sustainability Pillars

No two business will have the same sustainability plan and that’s ok, but it’s undeniably important to have the right vision and actions in place to support one. Ivadore has always operated based on connection. Connection to planet, people and product. For us Ivadore's sustainability plan is highly focused on consuming less throughout the entire supply chain and minimising the negative impact our business and products have on the environment.


We pack our orders consciously and safely
We pack our orders using the minimum amount of packaging required to keep your products safe in transit. We use biodegradable tissue paper to help hold everything in place and where necessary we use paper filler to add extra cushion. The goal is to send your order once, not twice because products were damaged in transit.

No extra stuff (sorry, we know free is fantastic but it’s often wasteful)
We don’t pack ‘extras’ with every order to try and win your hearts or show you how nice our branding looks on printed material. Nor do we create gift boxes that use satin, glue, ribbons and foam all for the sake of ‘presentation’. And we most definitely do not produce free cosmetic bags made out of PU as a gift with purchase (get where we are going here?). You are buying skincare, not a performance.

Reusing where we can
We collect and save packing filler to reuse in our orders and any deliveries from suppliers we request that all packaging is either plastic free, bio-degradable, 100% recyclable or made from recycled materials.
We also reuse our shipper cartons so when our products arrive to us from the manufacturer, we reuse their boxes to send out wholesale orders which means we get more life out of them.

Lean inventory (waste for the sake of vanity is not ok)
We use packaging that we can control the MOQ to keep inventory low and eliminate inventory-write off. Unique packaging can often result in very high minimum order quantities. Often, companies will purchase to MOQ but only use a small percentage of that order just to have, for example, exclusive bottles with their branding. Why is this bad? New packaging is produced and then put right back into the waste system, unused. That is a huge example of waste in the manufacturing process.

Recycled & Recyclable

All of our packaging is made from either recycled material and/or is 100% recyclable as well as reducing the amount of packaging required per single unit so that our environmental impact is a lean as we can make it without compromising the efficacy of our products.


Our message is clear… stop wasting money and consume less
We are huge advocates in reducing consumption. If a brand is truly dedicated to being sustainable then you won’t see them launching product after product throughout the year and then extra products in fancy packaging at Christmas (for example). Think of all these excess products going into the market, there is NOTHING sustainable about that.

Here are a few tips for consuming less;

Don’t buy any new products until you have finished what you have.

If you have products you know you won’t use, find a new home for them (friends, family, local Facebook Groups)

Ignore the temptation to buy things because they are on sale

Ignore the temptation to buy something because of a free gift

Determine exactly what your skin needs, you will more than likely find out that it is less than what you have in your cupboard.

If you aren’t happy with a product, don’t ignore it and hide it away – contact where you purchased it from, within their returns time frame, and send it back.

"Collecting skincare’ is not a skincare routine, it’s excessive consumption"


We choose to use natural and naturally derived ingredients, and in many cases certified organic because we believe in trying our best to minimise the impact our products have on the environment and also on you. While many synthetic ingredients are perfectly safe to use, it is a lifestyle choice for us to not use them.


Reduce manufacturing processes
While custom coloured bottles and unique moulds may look very classy, they are also resource critical. This means that they are a unique manufacturing run exclusive to that single piece of packaging. Every unique piece of packaging creates less efficiencies in the production process and in turn, increases consumption of materials and resources.
We have chosen to purchase our bottles in their raw form with no added colour. This means we aren’t stopping production to make something exclusive therefore we maximise efficiencies with an off the shelf bottle. Think about it, if we had 10 different coloured bottles, that is 10 times production needs to stop, reset and then start up again. That is 10 times the amount of unique packaging we need to purchase to MOQ and that is 10 times we increase the risk of writing off unused packaging.

Refills are not necessarily more environmentally friendly
Depending on the material, a refill bottle is still a new uniquepiece of packaging that is entering the market. You might be refilling an existing container, but what you are refilling it with is no better than purchasing the same product again where economies of scale allow greater efficiencies. You still have waste, it’s just different waste to the original bottle or jar.

Australian manufacturing
We choose to partner with Australian suppliers, mostly in Melbourne because that is where we are so that we can reduce our carbon miles, therefore decreasing carbon emissions and pollution. This is also in conjunction to using suppliers who also have sustainable practices and methods in place such as digital printing which uses less water and chemical waste.


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