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Self Tanner

Our Ivadore self tanner doesn't fake caring for your skin while giving you a beautiful glow

An award-winning self tanner that is a treatment and fake tan in one giving your skin a conditioning treatment while providing a natural, buildable colour. Formulated specifically to be extra gentle, calming and deeply nourishing for excessive dryness, our Ivadore self tanner is loaded with vitamin rich ingredients that condition and support your skin all year round.

Want a streak free tan?

Getting a streak free tan comes down to how well you apply it. We have a few tips that will make applying your self tanner easy.

Self Tan

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Self Tanner Key Ingredients

A non-comedogenic oil that absorbs beautifully. Contains Vitamin F which is important for protecting the skin barrier against trans epidermal water loss keeping skin feeling moisturized. Vitamin F is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties making it perfect for our self tanner and those who have acne prone or easily irritated skin.

We love Raspberry Seed Oil for our self tanner because it contains high levels of Alpha Linolenic Acid and Phytosterols that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties which are important for making our self tan as gentle and soothing as possible. High in antioxidants it is also perfect for protecting against free radicals which enhance the effects of ageing skin.

Our self tanner uses Erythrulose to create its colour, which is a natural sugar extracted from red raspberries that reacts with the amino acids of the keratin found in the top layer of skin to create a glow akin to a natural UV-based tan.

Marshmallow Extract is a beautiful gentle ingredient perfect for hyper-sensitive skin and has powerful calming and moisture-loss protecting properties. It is one of the key ingredients in our self tan that make your skin feel wonderfully soft and hydrated.

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