About Us

ivadore (ee-vuh-dohr) is the new cutting-edge Australian natural beauty brand defying the common misconception that natural beauty products do not work as well.

All of our products are not tested on animals and we are committed to using the finest and purest natural ingredients at levels that are guaranteed to produce results. It's the magic of nature truly harnessed for the skin. ivadore does not use any nasty chemicals, fragrances or preservatives. We are passionate about formulating products that PROTECT-SOOTHE-NOURISH & HYDRATE the skin all while achieving incredible results. 

Meet The Founder

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.25.22 pm The founder of ivadore, Tanya, has over ten years experience in the natural beauty industry. Her passion for natural beauty products developed after being diagnosed with celiac disease and having to completely change her diet. Noticing the difference it made to her overall health, Tanya began to look more closely at the ingredients in the products she was putting onto her body, but she struggled to find natural beauty substitutes that actually worked.

Following the birth of her first child Tanya searched for a natural remedy that visibly reduced the appearance of stretch marks, but failed to find one, so she decided to create one herself.

After completing various courses and reading extensively she started to make her own custom products for friends and family who were amazed by the results. From here she began to wholesale her products to natural beauty brands. The success that other brands had with her products led Tanya to the decision to start her own brand and so ivadore was born.

Tanya is passionate about finding the most effective natural ingredients and works closely with one of Australia's leading beauty formulators to ensure that all of ivadore's products are of the highest quality. She's constantly testing out new ingredients and appraising the latest natural beauty trends. Tanya is dedicated to making natural beauty products an accessible and efficient option for everyone.

About ivadore Products

ivadore launched with a tanning treatment that sets the standard for all that is to come from the brand. ivadore's advanced tanning treatment has been carefully developed to eliminate the common issues people have with self-tan treatments. There is no patchiness, streaks, orange tones, offensive odours or difficult to remove stains on clothing and bedding.

Defying expectation further, it is also a luxurious moisturiser with active anti-aging properties. It contains no harmful chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances, sulfates, parabens or mineral oil and uses a natural vegetable based preservative.

ivadore's tanning treatment is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The Tanning Treatment has been featured in New Idea Magazine as “A Natural Tan That Really Works, body+soul as one of the best natural tans for the face and body, Marie Claire Show Bags, Collective Hub and much more. ivadore also have a range of customisable skincare which consists of 3 products REVIVE, NURTURE & LOVE with optional add on Features to target skin concerns or for advanced results.

ivadore recently won highly commended in the Nature & Health 2016 Beauty Awards for their REVIVE treatment, and just like the tanning treatment they are getting some great feedback and features in magazines for their skincare.

The core products have all been carefully formulated to be beneficial and suitable for all skin types with customisations that target some of the issues associated with different skin types.

Each core product has Main Base Ingredients that make up the most essential part of the formula and Standard Key Ingredients, which may vary when the product is ordered with an added Feature.

Tanya says, “Whilst we all have different skin, with different needs, there's many common issues and there's also many common goals, for example most of us value anti-ageing properties in our skincare, and in actual fact it's important that we have them, even from the age of 20, because the damage is happening then even though it may not show up until our 40s. So when we formulated the “Feature It” range we placed a significant emphasis on the common desire to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin.