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The Ivadore Self Tan is all about conditioning your skin while adding the perfect glow.

It has been been carefully formulated to double as a self tan skin treatment that deeply nourishes and supports the skin barrier while simultaneously providing a beautiful natural colour.

All our ingredients have been selected for their gentle approach to maintaining healthy skin

Key Ingredients

Layer 1


A natural sugar that
reacts with the amino
acids of the keratin found
in the top layer of skin to
create a sun-kissed glow

Layer 1

Watermelon Seed Oil

Non-comedogenic, fast absorbing and high in Vitamin F, it’s fabulous for reducing trans epidermal water loss keeping skin feeling moisturised.

Layer 1

Raspberry Seed Oil

Contains the highest levels of Alpha Linolenic Acid plus Phytosterols known for their anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm irritation

Layer 1

Marshmallow Extract

A gentle ingredient for sensitive skin that has powerful calming and moisturising loss protecting properties


Glowing reviews for a glowing self tan

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