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Recycling cosmetic and skincare bottles is not always easy due to their size and mixed use of materials. Some recycling depots are not able to effectively sort and recycle them even if they are included in your recycling curbside bin as they are too small to for their machines to identify in the sorting process, or they are made up of different materials that make it more complex to identify and separate.

How we are recycling our bottles

It is part of our businesses social responsibility plan to do what we can to ensure that our packaging is made using recycled materials or materials that can be recycled so that their end of life is not in landfill but is repurposed into new materials and products.

Our airless bottles are most definitely recyclable and to help you dispose of them consciously we have joined the TerraCycle® program and will happily take your bottles back so that they can be correctly recycled. TerraCycle® is a global organisation who are the leaders in recycling hard-to-recycle waste and they have recycling initiatives all over the world that are aligned by material type and recycling capabilities.

Waste stream

TerraCycle® has different waste streams depending on the industry and materials. Our waste stream is classed as ‘Beauty Products and Packaging’ and we are using their Zero Waste Box™ to collect empty Ivadore bottles and boxes. This is the best way we can guarantee that our products are being recycled appropriately and not falling through the recycling system into landfill.

The process

Start collecting your empty Ivadore airless bottles and when you are ready, send them back to us ready to be recycled. If you know that your local council can accept and sort cosmetic bottles you can recycle them using your standard recycling method.

Once we have a full Zero Waste Box™ we will then send it back to TerraCycle® where they will then distribute the bottles to their partner facilities and turn them into something new.

What you need to do

When sending your bottles back, make sure to include your first name and your last name so that we can find you in our system and apply your points or voucher.

If you have a rewards account, we will credit your points into that account once the bottles have been received.

If you do not have a rewards account, we will issue a discount code and this will be emailed to you once the bottles have been received.

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