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Support with cause, transparency and love

We are a small business who are passionate about many things, and as part of our community support we will be sponsoring local events, causes, businesses and people who share the same values as us, driven by wanting to be the best we can and do the best by others and the earth.

Our approach is to work closely with individuals and organisations to make small, meaningful steps together that will make a profound difference.


Windsurfing isn't actually a new thing, it's been growing in force in Australia for 40 years or so and in more recent years has been evolving to broaden the appeal and accessibility to all ages and skill levels.

Windsurfing at its core is about having fun, and can be enjoyed recreationally and also competitively with the Nationals being held in Melbourne at the Parkdale Yacht Club in January 2022.

Parkdale Yacht Club is also pioneering a pilot program called 'Inspire' aimed at increasing participation for women where they will be using age and weight appropriate equipment in conjunction with modernised learning approaches. This pilot program is an exciting step in opening up opportunities for women to learn new skills, exercise and socialise.

Experience & enjoy

Windsurfing is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature

It's a great multi-discipline workout for your core, improving your balance, strength and all-round fitness

Windsurfing is both challenging and fun with levels of engagement from basic cruising through to competition training

It's great for building confidence and a sense of achievement as your improve your skills

It can be learned and perfected by all ages so it is perfect to do on your own or get a group of friends or family together

Here's Kate going through the Inspire pilot program at PYC

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