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Ivadore Skin Miles Terms & Conditions


The Ivadore Skin Miles loyalty Program and benefits (the “Program” and “Benefits”) is owned and operated by Welloh Pty Ltd trading as Ivadore (“Company”). The Ivadore Skin Miles Program will provide offers and privileges bound by the Program in the form of a Membership (the “Membership”). This Membership is an agreement (the “Agreement”) that is held between you (the “Member) and the company.

By joining the Ivadore Skin Miles points system, you agree with and consent to:

  1. our Terms & Conditions
  2. our Privacy Policy
  3. receiving communication from us via email, sms, mail, including related purposes identified in our Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy hereand our Terms & Conditions here



Joining the Ivadore Skin Miles is free and is linked to a single email address associated with the email owner. There are no fees associated with the Ivadore Skin Miles.

Membership is open to all customers making purchases through the Ivadore ecommerce site www.ivadore.com.au, it is not open to customers purchasing Ivadore products through other retail channels.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have approval to join given by parents or guardian, the parents or guardian must read our Terms & Conditions.

One Membership is applicable per user, customer, account holder.

If you are unsure if you have an account or believe you have multiple accounts with different email addresses, please email Ivadore Customer Service to discuss.

Membership and points are not transferable, sold or traded under any circumstances, including redemption or exchange of points for cash.

Participation in the Ivadore Skin Miles Program indicates a Members agreement to the Terms & Conditions associated with the Program and business. Members are responsible for ensuring they understand the Terms & Conditions, Ivadore reserves the right to terminate Members who violate the Programs Terms & Conditions.



A benefit period commences from the 1st of January and concludes on the 31st of December annually.

Points must be used within a 24 month benefit period. If points have not been redeemed within the benefit period, the account will be considered void and points will be forfeited. Email notification will be provided within a reasonable timeframe to notify a Member when points are due to expire.

Ivadore Skin Miles points are not redeemable for cash.

You may receive email communication from us regarding your expiring point balance. If you have opted out of email communication from us, you will not receive notification, your points will still be valid to use within the benefit period.

Company is not responsible for loss of points that have expired and removed from account.



Purchases made using vouchers acquired from the Ivadore Skin Miles points system will be bound to our standard returns policy which can be viewed here.



Company holds the rights to revoke any Membership at the discretion of the company.

Members are responsible for ensuring their details are kept up to date. These can be made by logging in to the account.

Communication preferences can be customized by opting out of email communication in promotional emails.

Termination of account can be requested via email by a Member.

Termination of account may occur without notice if Membership is unused for a duration longer than 36 months. If an account is not utilised through redemption or addition of points within this timeframe it is of belief that you are no longer an Ivadore customer.

If your account is terminated, you will not be able to accrue points.



Company has the right to modify or terminate the Program including it’s features and associated Terms & Conditions with sole and absolute discretion at any given time without notice.



Our Ivadore Skin Miles Terms & Conditions, including our standard Terms & Conditions may be updated from time to time as laws change and or business needs require. These changes will be updated on our website immediately.

Continuation of participation in our Ivadore Skin Miles Program will deem your acceptance of the changed Terms & Conditions.



Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us atinfo@ivadore.com.au.


Ivadore Skin Miles Terms & Conditions Updated March 2023


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