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Yes! I accept the terms and conditions to be a Nourish Me Self Tanner product tester. 

I understand that by completing this form I agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • 1.0 You will test the product (1.1) within the specified time frame
    • 1.1 Ivadore Nourish Me Self Tanner
  • 2.0 You will provide a proof of use photo showing before & after application
    • 2.1 Proof of use photos should be of good quality and indicate fairly that the product has been applied
    • 2.2 Proof of use photos will not be shared in the public domain or used for promotional or marketing purposes by Ivadore
    • 2.3 Failure to provide proof of use photos will render the participation void and the process will be abandoned from this point
  • 3.0 All information provided to Ivadore will be done so with honesty to ensure the testing process can be assessed accurately
  • 4.0 Participants acknowledge that conducting a skin test prior to application is recommended where skin type is known to be highly sensitive
  • 5.0 Ivadore may contact participants following conclusion of testing program to discuss information supplied

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