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Washable Facey Wipes 5PK

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Handy reusable cleansing wipes to refresh your skin while contributing to a cleaner planet

100% Cotton

5 pieces - black & olive colours

Your tool for a cleaner beauty system. Exclusively made in Melbourne, these washable face wipes are made using 100% cotton and are double sided to maximise removal of makeup and daily dirt.
  • Easily washable in the washing machine
  • Dual sided for cleansing the eye area and face and neck
  • Reduces single use makeup wipes on the environment

WHEN TO USE - AM & PM daily

HOW TO USE – Apply your cleanser directly to the cotton pad or to your face, use small circular motions to cleanse larger areas and a wiping motion on more sensitive areas such as the eyelids. As these face wipes are dual sided you can use the towelling side for makeup removal and initial cleanse then the smoother side for eyelids and to remove all traces of cleanser.
HOW TO WASH – Cold machine wash | Do not tumble dry | Avoid bleaching

Airless technology

Our bottles now use airless technology to deliver the perfect dose with every pump while keep your products free from bacteria and air-born micro particles

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