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Why you need natural acids in your tan remover

  • 3 min read

Time to prep your skin for a fresh tan or a top-up? Don’t just scrub your fading tan off with any old body scrub or fake tan remover. Exfoliation done wrong can leave skin dry, itchy, and irritated. We share how to remove your tan the right way with lactic acid and a gentle, low-scrub routine.

Your skin will thank you!

How to remove fake tan while keeping skin soft and healthy

Take care when exfoliating your body so you enjoy a clean base and hydrated, bump-free skin without damaging the skin barrier.

Use a gentle acid-based tan remover

When it comes to choosing the perfect tan remover, natural acids and fruit enzymes are your best friends.

A quick rundown on acids; most fall into 2 main categories (Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids) and work by dissolving the bonds holding dead skin to the surface to reveal bump-free, fresh skin beneath.

When taking your pick of acids, lactic acid (an AHA) is a skin-loving choice. Known for its gentle exfoliation action, it smoothes, boosts hydration, and reveals brighter, healthy-looking skin.

Unlike some grainy exfoliating scrubs which can be super abrasive when rubbed across your body, lactic acid doesn’t stress the skin. The crushed seeds, salts, and sugars in many body scrubs may feel like they are smoothing bumps but they can also cause micro-tears which damage your skin barrier and result in dryness, flaking and sensitivity.

Body Bounce AHA Exfoliant & Tan Remover

Meet our Ivadore Body Bounce AHA Exfoliant & Tan Remover, the gentlest way to soften and remove self tan or give your skin the exfoliating makeover it needs each week.

In addition to lactic acid, our formula is packed with natural skin nourishers and exfoliators including papaya extract, jujube extract, hemp seed oil, willow herb, and spirulina. There’s a reason we call it a 5 minute skin spa!

Moisturise after exfoliation

Make sure you also moisturise the skin to lock in hydration and keep it supple for your next tan application. Without following up with a moisturiser, exfoliation could leave your skin feeling dry - even when using a gentle body exfoliant.

Pro tip: Exfoliate and moisturise the day before applying your faux sun-kissed glow again. Don’t lather yourself in moisturiser just before applying fake tan. Only moisturise dry areas like ankles, wrists and knees. The rest of your body should be dry and free from creams as this will boost the effectiveness of the self tanner.

How to remove fake tan from your face

Just like your body, natural acids are a great way to exfoliate your face; dissolving the build up of skin cells along with fake tan while boosting radiance and skin texture. Use an AHA based exfoliant, like our Gentle Exfoliating Polish and follow with a hydrating moisturiser; we recommend our Daily Bounce Hydrating Cream

Bonus Tip: Try soaking for 10 minutes in a warm bath before exfoliating

Make removing your faux-glow easier by soaking in a warm bath first. This opens the pores which helps stubborn fake tan come off quicker when you move to the exfoliation step. Plus, it's a great way to sneak in a self-care soak!

Here are our must have self tan removing products for you to try;

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