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Skincare awards have dropped Taylor Swift style over here at Ivadore

  • 3 min read

Forget the VMA’s and Taylor Swift’s big Midnight drop, it’s our time to shine!

We are nominated for two awards at the moment and we couldn’t be more proud!

Read through and learn a little bit more about our brand, our formulas and the two awards that we are in the running for - Clean & Conscious + She.Com

Is natural skincare a thing?

YES! A huge, yes. Natural, organic, plant based trends have been a growing for years, and we have been in this space for years too! It’s pretty obvious that we are firm supporters of natural skincare because nature has some of the most beautiful ingredients with amazing benefits. It’s remarkable that something in its pure earth born state can be so good. But we will never argue that natural is 100% better than synthetic or vice versa because they both  have their place and anyone who is saying this is misrepresenting either side. Reducing our toxin load, using plant-based, vegan and organic ingredients to simplify our routines, removing unnecessary irritating ingredients from our lives are all part of Ivadore value system.

Our formulas are ours

The amount of work that goes into developing a skincare formula is quite frankly, lots.

Lots of effort, lots of time and lots of testing. We are also extremely proud to own all of our skincare formulas, something that we are very passionate about because it means we have full transparency on the ingredients and their quantities and no one else has the same formula.

Ivadore, the skincare brand no one has heard of

We always joke that Ivadore is the best kept skincare secret getting around, mostly because we hear all the time “Oh, I have never heard of this brand before” *insert very large marketing budgets that pay for the limelight. Yes, it’s difficult as a small brand to gain awareness, in any category, but in our category it is saturated with options, it can be soul crushing (sometimes) watching much larger brands launching products using ingredients we have used for years and having everyone talk about it like they were the first, but hey, that’s biz for you. That is why when we are nominated for an award, or someone mentions us online it’s a HUGE DEAL.

The self tanner for those who don't self tan

You either love it, hate it, are scared of it or don’t understand it

Self tan is not everyone’s cup of hot tea, and we truly understand that because guess what… we weren’t self tanners either before the Ivadore faux tan hit the holiday tour. We want to be very clear, our self tanner is perfect for those who don’t use a self tan because first and foremost it has been formulated to condition and support the softness and smoothness of your skin, it just happens to have a bit of colour thrown in the mix to keep you looking holiday tanned all year round. We have spoken with many people about their reasons why they self tan, and interestingly an overwhelming number will say it makes them feel thinner. For us, we love the way it just perks up the colour of our skin so we look happy and healthy.

Now what are these skincare awards you are asking?

Well first up, is the Clean & Conscious Awards because as you just read – looking after your skin first is the goal and taking care of yourself physically and mentally, is different for everyone. The women behind Clean & Conscious have a value system that is very similar to ours, consume mindfully and manufacture responsibly. We will bang on about this for hours, consumerism is a big fat problem! We want you to start using less, stop wasting resources and just be more considered in your purchases. This flows through to how we manufacture our products and approach skincare, a system designed to use less making life more simple and the world more cleaner.

Source: cleanandconscious.com.au 2022

Secondly, we are nominated in the She.Com awards which is pioneered by Lisa Jones and her team. Their focus is on drawing attention to the achievements of female led businesses in the online space. Online is our platform and it can be so exciting at how quickly resources, information, conversations and purchases can occur from whatever digital device you prefer. Being connected is not always a bad thing, connection methods evolve, but what remains consistent is the connection itself.

Source: Lisajones.com 2022

We are now patiently waiting for that moment to hit the red carpet wearing none other than our Nourishing Self Tanner (note to self, try and send Taylor Swift some product).

And thankyou to everyone who uses our Ivadore products, you are what makes this all possible and you are in on the best kept secret!

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