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Our fake on self tan | Ivadore

Grab your West Coast Cooler and sit back for a quick read on self tanning!

Let’s just kick this off by saying this is not an article explaining or telling you how to get that bronzed goddess - I’m still in my 20’s with no cellulite – I don’t wear togs that cover my privates because they are considered old fashioned – and the more you apply the longer your legs will look kind of scenario ( I threw in togs for a sprinkle of nostalgia).

Our Ivadore Nourishing Self Tanner is not just about colour, so we want to share with you our view on self tanning or fake tanning or sunless tanning (whatever you prefer) as a skincare treatment and of course throw in some tips, stories and professional insights as well.  

Natural tan, fake tan, self tan, bronzed tan, glowing tan… does it leave you thinking what is wrong with my adult pale white skin because this all sounds too intense? Well don’t worry, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your skin colour, it’s no one’s business other than yours.

I remember my sister had a red white and blue Le Tan bikini (how patriotic) and it was the most amazing article of clothing I had ever laid eyes on as a kid. I used to wear it over my clothes and think I was an adult. My sister used to sunbake out on our lawn that was full of bindis, I guess that’s what you get growing up on a farm, hardcore Australian tanning when you don’t live near the beach. But funnily enough, that skimpy 80’s bikini didn’t make me want to tan any more than it made me want to eat green vegetables.

"My sister used to sunbake out on our lawn that was full of bindis, I guess that’s what you get growing up on a farm"

Tanning (while not originating from) is one bi-product of the Australian culture, put simply it’s an identity for the great Australian summer of socialising. As a concept, it also goes in and out of fashion and that ball of fire in the sky called the sun along with solariums have caused irreversible skin damage to many over the years prompting the need for alternative sunless tanning products.

I remember my first tanning experience was on one stinking hot new years eve. It was a 40 degree day and the party I was going to was fancy dress in which I decided to go as Xena: Warrior Princess. Xena required a golden tan, so it was partly safety in numbers and partly because I’m never one to say no to a new experience that a spray tan became a requirement for the costume. To cut the story short, we didn’t leave enough time between getting the tan and heading to the party so it ran off us in streams of sticky brown sweat creating all sorts of interesting patterns as we rang in the new year. I decided right there that spray tans were not for me.

My next attempt at fake tanning was the DIY approach for a wedding. I had discussed it at length with the girls in the office, most of them tanning aficionados. They had a preferred glove, a preferred shade, a preferred texture that was all tried and tested and completely trustworthy. I adopted all their suggestions and the night before lathered myself up in a type of brown stain with an intense weird smell. I woke up the next day with a ruined singlet and patchy markings in all the wrong places. It wasn’t overtly obvious, but enough to scream “she did it herself”. I decided that self tanning was not for me.

Now this might be making you think that I’m going to start telling you to steer clear of fake tanning! Quite the opposite because our self tanner is not solely about colour. It’s about skin condition and looking after your body’s candy wrapper with products that are there to nourish the way you feel. Many things we do are simply a mindset, just like overcoming the fear of leaving the house without mascara on, and having a product that can give you a confidence boost plus smooth and hydrate your skin is why we love our tanner so much.

I asked a few friends why they like to use our self tanner and here are some of their responses…

“It makes me feel more fresh and sun kissed”

“I look thinner and more alive”

“It makes me feel like I have been on a holiday”

For some the golden ticket to feel confident is a fake tan, for others it might be wearing lipstick. For me, I actually feel amazing wearing a new blazer, I can throw one of those on with active wear and I’m instantly in business.

It’s around 7 years since we first developed our tanner and since then we have rarely found anyone who has not enjoyed using it, and for many different reasons. Firstly, our tanner is not just about colour (as you have heard me mention). It was formulated from day one to be an entirely natural, nourishing, non-drying, gentle, soothing, protecting, nut free, vegan friendly, ethically made, tanner. It’s quite the list isn’t it.

We wanted a product that could be enjoyed by as many people as possible and also to be exceptionally good for anyone who experiences things like eczema, flaking, psoriasis and itching. People are always surprised to find out the ingredient that makes the biggest difference in our tanning treatment compared to others is a sugar extracted from Red Raspberries. When applied to the top layer of skin, a non-toxic reaction occurs that creates a temporary browning effect, similar to a natural UV derived tan. So instead of applying any sort of chemicals that can trigger a whole host of skin reactions, all of our ingredients are naturally gentle.

“Takes you from a 5-7 instantly”

Our self tanner is also a product that does not need to be used on special occasions only. The colour is light to medium depending on your skin type, so it gives you a subtle hint of colour that can be adapted depending on what you prefer. You can use it once a week to maintain your colour, apply it twice a week on your face if you want to use less makeup (we have the perfect mini size for this). Build up a stronger colour using consecutive applications or use it once a month when you feel like a little booster or have a hot date (forever waiting for Matt Damon to swipe right).

One of our favourite makeup artists Julia Green gave us her little list of tips for our tanner. She has been beautifully creating looks for over 20 years in many different areas such as fashion, editorial, TV and of course celebrity clients, she has literally touched the faces of Millsy, Chrissie Swan and Tiff Hall who are all babes! Having worked with Julia on a project in the past, she is a divine human who makes people look amazing, but is also amazing herself. You can checkout Julia hereon Instagram: 

Julia applied tanner at 9am


  • Lovely silky cream formula, feels great on the skin including the face which is important
  • Easy application - feels like applying moisturiser
  • Lush texture, feels luxurious going on with an easy pump pack – no mess
  • Great that you can apply with your hands with no mitt
  • Easily washes off hands, meaning no stained hands
  • LOVE that there are no nasty ingredients, is vegan friendly


  • No instant colour pay off, so needs to be applied 8 hours before your event
  • Made my skin slightly oily by the afternoon, might be better to apply at night to avoid the extra shine as it activates


The colour is on the lighter side of light-medium with one application, if you already have a tan then this could be a great top up. The colour is even and natural. I would apply two days in a row to build up more colour if needed. Works great as a gradual tan moisturiser and kept my skin feeling hydrated and smooth.


Using a self tanner on your face is not something that people usually consider however because of how hydrating and gentle our formula is, you can use it as an intermittent moisturiser while building and maintaining a natural looking tan. 

One of the biggest compliments we get on our tanner (aside from how easy it is to use) is how incredible their skin feels the next day. Without giving too many secrets away, one key ingredient that helps with this is organic marshmallow extract, a botanical form of hyaluronic acid and is incredible for its moisturising, softening with anti-irritant properties. 

Now I know the question on all of your minds is do I still have that Le Tan Bikini, I’m not one to disappoint but sadly it went south along with my sister’s gymnastics leotards which were frequently used as costumes out on that same prickly lawn.

My foray into tanning these days is the occasional Ivadore Nourish Me Self Tanner (naturally why would I use anything else) because my confidence is in a blazer remember. But for those of you who find happiness in self tanning, or have a date, wedding or are jus dreaming of a holiday, definitely give our tanner a go and remember that confidence is a mindset, you just need to believe it.


XX Nicole

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